for the soul!
 Hello friends........and welcome to our site....we are Sonic Sobriety, a band of musicians from Tulsa, Oklahoma that likes to take a refreshing dip into the pool of pogressive rock.  Sonic Sobriety was formed as a self-indulgent creative music outlet by a trio of former bandmates and friends.  Jam sessions evolved into writing sessions and the trio expanded their early sound into a fresh blend of late70's and early progressive rock.  Largely instrumental, the group has been writing and recording new tracks for their upcoming self-titled debut album Sonic Sobriety.  
           Ahhhh...........Music is truly rehab for the soul!

 Sonic Sobriety has just finished recording a new song, "Oledom's Fire".  If you would like to listen to it, please go to the "MEDIA" page. 

Welcome friends.........Sonic Sobriety has just released some new artwork as shown above.  Also, they have finished their latest project......."Voyage Into the Inevitable".........once originated as a five parts series of songs (as described below), is now revised and refined into four movements that include the songs Hectic, Hailstorm, Renew and Reborn............see "NEWS" for more details and "MEDIA" to hear the new songs.

Hello again one and all!  Here is an update for Sonic Sobriety...........the up and coming new art work is almost complete.  They should have it available at the frist of the year.  Also, they have revamped the 5 song compliation..........see "NEWS" for more details!

Sonic Sobriety has some great news...........first they just finished the 2nd song of the 5 part series called Hailstorm  (click on the Media page).  The 5 song compilation will have a new name announced as well as some really cool album artwork presented in the very near stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

Hello all.......we are almost done with our latest song.....Hailstorm.  It is currently being mastered and will be on the site very soon.

If you want to contact Sonic Sobriety, go to the "Contact Us" page or email us at  Also, the new song Hailstorm is almost finished.  Look for it soon on the "Media" page.

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